Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

I was in a discussion with a friend in the recruitment industry earlier this week, and he told me how the job market is changing. Fewer and fewer people are responding to job postings. This is partly due to an uncertain economy – it can be nice to sit still in the boat – at the same time there are consequences. The recruiters need to work outreaching and those of us who get sought out get a little comfortable. “Why should I bother reading and interpreting job postings? When there’s a good match, I’ll get a call.”
“How nice,” you might think as an employer. “My employees aren’t looking for new jobs.” But I’d say it’s just the opposite! Even the people who are satisfied with their jobs will be called by headhunters and will think about the new opportunities. And then it’s easy to see the green, nice grass on the other side of the fence!
But, what does it look like where you already are? Isn’t the grass green here too? Maybe even a little greener?
Too often we forget to remind ourselves of what we really have. How much we appreciate our relationships with our colleagues, what skills they have and how it affects our well-being at work.
For most people, the Holiday season is upon us and we are starting a new year. A time when many people think about their situation.
Do you want your people to cherish their existing professional relationships without being part of the Great Attrition? Get in contact with us at, and we can help you to strengthen the relationships in your teams. (And as a bonus, it will increase the productivity…)