We should have more farewells at work!

Something that is striking when I talk to people about Qdos2U is that so many say “That’s so heartwarming, I experienced it when I left [any label]. You felt so appreciated and liked.”

And yes, of course it’s great to hear from your colleagues why you’re liked and what it is you do to make their lives better. You get a pretty nice ego boost and become happy for several days. Maybe only then do you realize that you have been part of a really good team.

But isn’t it a bit twisted? Should we really have to quit our jobs to be told that we are liked and appreciated? To hear those personal opinions that could mean so much to how we work together.

Now it’s a bit drastic if everyone has to resign to get to this a little more often. So, what tips do you have on how to spread more often how appreciated the people we work with actually are?