Can you build relations by reading minds? If you can, this video is NOT for you.

We know that good relations are crucial for a team to be really successful. Like it or not, you have a relation with every person in your team. It can be a good one, perhaps it’s a bad one. This is about how you feel and you are basing the feeling on something.
For some reason, we live under the impression that -“You know what I mean, you know how highly I think of you.” Let’s try it: As you’re listening to this right now, I think you are…
Doesn’t work, does it? We CAN’T read minds.
At the same time, we feel something about every relationship, and if you don’t say anything, I will assume something.
You see the warning lights flashing, right? I can’t read the minds of my team, of what they think about me, but I will fill in the blanks with my own assumptions.
Are you fine with that? Or should you perhaps take some action?