When PostIT is not enough…

Do you remember that amazing exercise you did at the management group days a few years ago?

You talked about collaboration and culture and were going to have a team exercise. You wrote down the most positive traits with your closest colleagues at PostIT’s and shared them with them. What a feeling it gave! Joy, pride and a real boost to self-esteem.

And when you came back to the office, you certainly looked at your colleagues in the management team with slightly different eyes. More positive than before. The smiles increased and you cooperated a little better.

Too bad it can’t be done in a larger group. There will be a lot of PostIT’s as the group grows. And how do you deal with the fact that different people receive different numbers of notes? Or that someone only gets platitudes on their notes?

Then maybe you might as well put your thoughts down? Don’t do that! Work smarter instead.