“I’m not very good at expressing emotions…”

I’m sure you’ve heard that from time to time. Or maybe you even think that way about yourself? But keep in mind that you can get better. Your whole team can be better!

Now that more and more organizations are starting to strengthen the team spirit with the help of Qdos2U, I can see how it affects the people in a group. Let me give you an example.

A little over a year ago, I worked with the cohesion of a group supported by Qdos2U and a few months ago it was time again. We could see a clear change in how people gave appreciation to each other.

  • Participants have become more PERSONAL. It’s a little less “superficial platitudes” and more of what really matters.
  • You think about it and are more DETAILED. We can see an increase of about a quarter in the number of words used.

I spoke to one of the participants afterwards, he was new to the organization and only participated the second time. How surprised he had been by the way his colleagues expressed themselves, it was almost as if he asked to do it again – he wanted to say so much more.

So, positivity breeds positivity and the more we practice expressing ourselves, the easier it becomes!

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