Even if my colleagues have their strange sides, I know how they contribute and make my work easier and happier!

When I know all the areas I’m appreciated for, I know that the contructive feedback I receive is about what’s said, and nothing else.

Recognizing that I am a valued member of the team empowers me to explore new ideas without the fear of being perceived as a failure.

Efficient system with excellent service that made the practice of giving Kudos work very well for us.

Maria Morin

Kudos lifts a group to a new level of energy and commitment. New levels lead to joy and that the group (or company) can handle more advanced tasks. Try Hawen!

Olle Leckne

It’s a real pleasure to use Hawen! A wonderful way to show your team appreciation!

Thomas Edlind

It was a great surprise last Friday when I received an email from Hawen. It was a proud father who could read aloud everything that the network wrote about me for my children. Incredibly appreciated to also have the opportunity to pause, write and reflect on the colleagues’ fine sides.

Kalle Roos

Thank you for a very good service. Lifting each other up is both fun and important. Our whole society feels good and is strengthened by praise and uplifting news.

Mikael Engström