Add some extra Kudos / Change or verify ratings

This is where you decide the order that the Kudos will display – which Kudos goes first, second, etc. You will only work with the people who has given enough Kudos.

The Hawen service has scored each Kudos and suggested an order, and you can re-arrange the order by dragging each Kudos.

If a participant has been given more Kudos than we will print on the certificates, this order will decide which to choose. Let’s say a person has received 10 Kudos but you have decided that you want maximum 5 printed, only the first 5 will end up on the certificate.

Add more Kudos

Your team really appreciate each other! Everybody has who has given has received enough Kudos. No need for you to add some extra.

Do you want to spice it up?

Even if your participants have received enough Kudos, you might want to add even more energy by adding even more Kudos here. Just don’t forget to check the rating/order below, as the new Kudos will initially be placed at the bottom and therefore potentially might not be printed on the certificate.

Your initiatives aren’t in a state where it’s possible to add extra Kudos.

Change / Verify ratings

Select a person and confirm or move the order of the Kudos. If you don’t want to change the individual ratings per person, but are happy with using the ratings suggested by Hawen, you can verify the everything with one click. Refer to the end of the page.

Select a receiver to update or confirm

Need to remove or replace a Kudos?

If you for some reason want to remove a Kudos, you can do this here. Just remember that you might have to add a replacement Kudos to ensure there is enough Kudos to produce a certificate.

Important – To reverse the removal of a Kudos, you have to contact our tech support.

Be aware that when you confirm the rating, the Kudos receiver will be removed from the list.
Please contact support if you need to reverse the confirmation of a rating.

Verify all ratings for a project

Using this option, the Kudos will get the scores/ratings as they currently are. We suggest you look at a few individual examples (in the section Change/Verify ratings above) before using this option.

No projects available where you can give final verification to the rating of the Kudos